bike fitting SERVICES

first bike

Your first bike fit will cost $150. There is no extra charge for aero set-up.

second bike

Subsequent bikes during the same fitting session will cost an additional $50.


Initial fitting cost includes one adjustment session during the first three months after your initial fitting session.


Future re-fittings after the initial three months will be charged at $100

bike fitting

Over the past 20 years that I have been involved with bikes I have seen things go from back in the day down tube shifters to the most modern carbon fiber bits and pieces that are available today. The one thing that hasn't changed is everybody's need for their bike to fit them and be set-up correctly. I use the fitting system. There are 2 main reasons that bike fit is so important : 1. Prevention of injury - A correctly set-up bike will work together with your body rather than having your body fighting against the forces that the bike will be trying to exert and the results of this generally will end in injuries either large or small. 2. Efficiency - Whilst a correct bike bike fit will allow you to put out maximum power, the more intriguing aspect of a great bike fit, is the amount of power you won't be using. Having your bike and body working in unison will allow you to be fresher at the end of races and also able to put out the maximum power in the short-term. After witnessing several bike fitting systems I decided to go down the system path. This system seems to be the most complete system that I have seen and definitely relies heavily on the customers input and feel, to get into the most efficient position. The combination of old school know-how and new school science will definitely get you powerful and pain free. 
"After few chats with Jeff regarding bike fit I was impressed with his knowledge and philosophy.  I'm a cat 2 racer and felt I could use help getting fully dialled in on my race and time trial bikes.  Jeff spent a substantial amount of time doing the assessment and then making the related changes.  Since the adjustments I feel really solid on the bike and no knee pain which had been a problem. My leg motion feels more powerful and I feel it has added to my riding, having recently finished my first NRC level crit and multiple top 10's. Thanks Jeff nice work." Darren Comer Pacesetter steel cycling team.

bike fitting