aBOUT MY Coaching

Having recently received my USA Cycling Coaching Certification, I'm ready to get my coach on!! I am based in Atlanta, GA with a full range of training services including personal coaching, group clinics and bike fitting. I started racing bikes at the age of 9 and progressed through my teenage years becoming an Australian National champion in 1996 on the track and winning World Junior Kilo Championship in 1997. Throughout my career I have done a lot of track racing, road racing, and more recently competed in cyclo-cross and mtb races. While I have a racing background I have also worked with some of the best coaches Australia has to offer, including plenty of time in labs and seminars learning about how the body operates as a unit, so my coaching can not only be beneficial for those that race, but also for those that are looking for a better lifestyle. On the racing side I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to race as a professional for the better part of my adult life. I have always been a student of the sport with a real aptitude for all things cycling, and as a result of this I am now tapping into the vault that is my brain and passing on those experiences to my athletes. My mind has always been my biggest advantage and thus can be yours too. Coaching prices begin with a $150 start-up fee and monthly coaching starting from $200 per month. 



individual Coaching

Your training program, made for you and only you. Fully tailored to your needs, using a combination of new technology, and old school, proven methods.

Group/Team Coaching

I'll join your team, and we'll be working together towards your teams common goal.

Training Sessions

You know what you're doing, but you just need a little help and assistance getting there.

Contact Jeff, jeff@hopcoach.com or ph (404) 769-0012 .
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Coaching Initial Sign-Up - $150
Coaching Monthly Subscription - $200p/month
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